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Maintenance Charges

Enterprise Housing Authority Maintenance Charge List
Effective January 1, 2020

Charges may be made for any tenant caused damages. We reserve the right to charge the total cost for any repair necessary because a tenant damages or neglects to take care of the property they rent. The charges listed below are a guideline but do not necessarily reflect the actual amount that will be charged for any repair. 


You will receive a notice of charges made to your account. You have the right to ask for an explanation of any charge made to your account. However, if you disagree with any charge, you must call us within ten (10) days of the date on your notice. 

Ten days after the notice is sent, all charges are final.

Maintenance Charges will be added to your rent account and are due and payable the first day of the first month following the date on your notice. 

You may request a repayment agreement to make payments on maintenance charges.



Painting room $75
Exterior Painting - cost for area painted - cost
Apply stain blocking primer (minimum charge $15) - cost
Repair walls to paint (cost as per damage) - cost

Replace Light Fixture $35
Replace Light Globe $10
Replace Light Switch / Plug Covers $3
Replace Smoke Alarm (tenant damaged) $35
Other Electrical - cost as per damage - cost
9V Battery for Smoke Alarm $3
Light Bulb Replacement $4


Tenants are subject to a $25 fine if smoke alarms are found inoperable due to tenant damage/neglect or electrical device covers are found missing.

Clean Refrigerator, Stove or Range Hood (each) $25
Replace Stove/Range Hood Control Knobs (each) $7
Replace Range Hood Filter $10
Removing stickers from Refrigerator Door - per sticker $5
Drip Pans for Stove (each) $3
Stove Burners $8
Replace Refrigerator Gasket (tenant neglect) $30
Other Appliance Repairs - cost as per damage - cost

Heat / Air Conditioning System
Mini Split System Repairs - cost
Heat Pump System Repairs - cost
Replace Mini Split Filter $25
Sized A/C Filter $3
Clean A-Coils (tenant neglect) $45
Clean Mini Split Coils and Fan (tenant neglect) $45
Clean Mini Split Filters (tenant neglect) $15
Two AAA Batteries for Mini Split Remote $3
Lost or Damaged Mini Split Remote $40
Other repairs - cost as per damage - cost

Unstop Drain - Using electric snake $40
Unstop Drain - Using drain opener $15
Unstop Drain - Pulling P-Trap $15
Unstop Commode - Using plunger or toilet awger $25
Unstop Commode - Pulling commode $65
Replace Commode - cost
Replace Commode Seat $20
Replace Sink Strainer / stopper $4
Other Repairs - cost as per damage - cost

Unit Repair / Clean at Move-out
Cleaning $100
Removing Furniture / Trash - per truck load $35
Cleaning / Raking Yards $25
Removing Wallpaper / Wall Stickers - per room $25
Other unlisted work necessary - cost

Other Necessary Repairs or Cleaning
Rescreen Doors (per panel) $25
Replace Window Screens - cost
Replace Window Blinds - per window $15
Replace Clothes Line (per rung) $5
Replace Key - Apartment / Mail Box $3
Replace Mail Box Lock $25
Replace Apartment Locks $40
Replace Door Knob $40
Replace Interior Door (Tenant Damaged) $85
Removing Trash/Toys from Roof  $15
Clean oil/grease from parking area $40
Tenants are subject to a $50 fine if found dumping cooking oil outside
Other Repairs - as per damage cost

Parking on Grass
First time we find a car parked on your grass $5
Charge doubles every time we find a car parked on your grass, 2nd offence $10, 3rd offence $20, 4th offence $40, per offence


Download Printable Version of Maintenance Charges as described above.